Collins Land Clearing
1997 -  2022   25 years of Forestry Mulching and Brush Cutting Services


Land Clearing services that go above and beyond the typical “slash & burn” or “doze it down” techniques 


  • No brush piles, No burning, No burial
  • Minimizes soil compaction & prevents collateral damage to saved trees
  • Prevents erosion & soil loss
  • Clear wetland areas LEGALLY
  • Clear and protect steep slopes in one pass


Our working job sites typically look like this                      


NOT like this mess from a dozer 

Selective or complete clearing for all your needs and on most all terrains:

  • lot development
  • selective thinning
  • trails
  • overlooks
  • food plots
  • brush piles
  • fuels reduction
  • fence-row trimming
  • stumps - in the ground or excavated stump balls
  • logging slash
  • just about anything vegetative within reach

Brush Cutting/Mulching 

Brush cutting and mulching is the ideal alternative to slash and burn techniques that denude the ground of precious topsoil and root base. We grind unwanted vegetation right where it stands and transform it into a beneficial mulch that prevents erosion. No burning and minimal erosion reduces the impacts of air and water pollution.

Mulching requires no dangerous fires and minimizes compaction of the ground. Stumps are left in the ground to hold the earth and they are cut flush to grade to allow future maintenance cutting. As unwanted trees are mulched into chips, this mulch is broadcast directly back onto the ground. It acts as a stabilizer, preventing erosion, and acts as an organic filler that enhances the topsoil. This method of clearing prevents erosion.

After mulching, the ground is ready for seeding. Grass seeds can be spread directly on top of this mulch to enhance the soil stabilization characteristics of the mulch, improve moisture retention and speed the decomposition rate of the mulch by-product. Just bush hog when needed to keep it maintained!


Storm damages trees, including stump balls, NOT a problem! We mulch almost anything!