Only dedicated mulching equipment is used at Collins Land Clearing. What difference does this make? Using a standard tractor or other piece of equipment without the heavy duty horsepower and extreme cooling requirements needed to efficiently run mulchers is a waste of customers' money. Our concept is all about production and efficiency - this saves customers money. We are not limited to brush and small trees (1"-4" dia) as some contractors are. Even our smallest machine has tackled numerous trees in excess of 20" diameter when required. Our largest tree processed to date was a 64" diameter tree. Size is just a matter of time...and we run more horsepower for better efficiency and reduced time. We encourage customers to make money from any valuable sawlogs via loggers when possible - our job is to clean up what's left over, efficiently and without waste. Why burn it when you can put the chips to use and enrich the soil?


Rubber Tire Articulated Mulcher - designed for high production mulching and nothing else. This is a purpose built, 40,000 lb moving terror for anything in its path. It is the most productive machine currently owned. This is an extremely efficient machine that covers multiple acres per day on relatively flat, stable ground. It is ideal for reclaiming overgrown land and setting up new pasture areas. The articulated steering allows for nimble operations among save trees with such a large machine. Trees, brush, stumps - everything gets cut down to grade level.



XLGP Tracked Mulcher - Extra Low Ground Pressure (<4 psi) tracked mulcher for wetlands and steep ground. Designed for tighter operating quarters, the steepest of terrain and general work conditions, this is the best choice for smaller jobs and difficult terrain.  About twice the size of a skid steer, it is a purpose built land clearing machine with more production and more capabilities than any skid steer based machine could ever dream of. This 30,000 lb machine is in the 300 hp class and built to destroy everything in its path without limitation.  It is rated for steep terrain in excess of 40 degree slopes so if it can hold traction, it can mulch most any terrain. More efficient than small machines for a lower cost per acre for the customer.





Excavator mounted cutter head - while this is a trackhoe based machine, there is a separate 300 hp engine and separate hydraulic system that operates the brush cutter/mulcher for maximum efficiency. Anything within reach of the cutterhead can be processed. This machine is ideal for ditch banks, road sides, swampy ground and slopes up to 30+ degrees. The machine efficiently trims back overgrown fencerows and reclaims land lost to growth encroachment. We also have other tools for this machine such as bucket, tree shear, grapple and rake.


Fencerows trimmed back to reclaim ground lost to encroachment of limbs. Trimming up to 30+ vertical feet and NO SIZE LIMITATIONS!


   Swampy ground with huge trees.                                                             Overgrown levees with rip-rap rock faces.

Spider Excavator for the impossible jobs

Menzi Muck A91 4x4+ all terrain spider excavator with multiple tools for the most difficult jobs. Rated for 45 degree and steeper work when required. Able to access areas other equipment can not get to. Tools include mulcher head, rotating grapple with multiple grip options, breaker-hammer, multiple specialty buckets all connected to a Roto-tilt coupler allowing 360 degree rotations of the tools. The spider excavator can adapt its footing to almost any terrain and work where nothing else can. It can even work in deep water conditions.