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Typical before and after shots of some recent work sites

Selectively logged site with logging slash piles in foreground - 2 yrs since trees were harvested

Clearing hillside for a view of the water from the deck of the house


Neglected levee being reclaimed - now easy to mow with a bush hog type cutter

Overgrown field edges being reclaimed to enlarge perimeter lost to overgrowth


Levee side clearing - the largest cottonwood trees were 125' tall and 48"-56"+ diameter  

Clearing work before and after around an abandoned house


work in progress - left side prior to cutting, right side selectively cleared to look like a park

Fence line and property line clearing on steep terrain

Overgrown entrance to private road before and after


Looking down cleared roadway

Terraced pasture that had become overgrown and too thick with brush & trees

Pasture reclaimed, terraces and fencing left in place and ready for grass seed.

Reclaiming another former pasture area

Pasture area reclaimed - largest trees saved for shade and timber value

Reclaiming overgrown fence line along road side - no brush piles and ready to expand fields for more production

Reclaiming more overgrown fence lines -

trees side trimmed to 20'-35- height to increase sunlight, reduce equipment damage and increase airflow to fields




Our pricing is normally based on a fixed bid format or hourly rates. Due to the number of variables in this type of work (site conditions, tree density, tree species, safety issues, etc), a fixed price for a set work area can be determined and submitted to the customer in the form of a written contract. This documents what will be accomplished and for what amount of money. This system alleviates the budget system jitters that many customers endure through hourly pricing formats, often getting over budget. With a fixed price, the customer can relax knowing exactly how much the project will cost them and not have to worry about unforeseen expenses or expensive changes during the middle of a job. Remember, we can always charge you less or provide extras, but we will never charge more than the agreement! 

Hourly rates are also available. We can work with budget caps and stop when a maximum dollar amount has been spent. 

The is no set per acre pricing formula. If you would like an estimate, a site visit must be arranged to determine the factors that determine pricing: tree species, growth density, terrain characteristics, hazard and safety issues as well as other determining factors. We will always try to suggest the most cost effective approach for the customer. With a variety of tools available, it is our goal to pick the right tool for the job and perform the work in an efficient manner.


Give us a call at 731-695-8416 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Only dedicated mulching equipment is used at Collins Land Clearing. What difference does this make? Using a standard tractor or other piece of equipment without the heavy duty horsepower and extreme cooling requirements needed to efficiently run mulchers is a waste of customers' money. Our concept is all about production and efficiency - this saves customers money. We are not limited to brush and small trees (1"-4" dia) as some contractors are. Even our smallest machine has tackled numerous trees in excess of 20" diameter when required. Our largest tree processed to date was a 64" diameter tree. Size is just a matter of time...and we run more horsepower for better efficiency and reduced time. We encourage customers to make money from any valuable sawlogs via loggers when possible - our job is to clean up what's left over, efficiently and without waste. Why burn it when you can put the chips to use and enrich the soil?


Rubber Tire Articulated Mulcher - designed for high production mulching and nothing else. This is a purpose built, 40,000 lb moving terror for anything in its path. It is the most productive machine currently owned. This is an extremely efficient machine that covers multiple acres per day on relatively flat, stable ground. It is ideal for reclaiming overgrown land and setting up new pasture areas. The articulated steering allows for nimble operations among save trees with such a large machine. Trees, brush, stumps - everything gets cut down to grade level.



XLGP Tracked Mulcher - Extra Low Ground Pressure (<4 psi) tracked mulcher for wetlands and steep ground. Designed for tighter operating quarters, the steepest of terrain and general work conditions, this is the best choice for smaller jobs and difficult terrain.  About twice the size of a skid steer, it is a purpose built land clearing machine with more production and more capabilities than any skid steer based machine could ever dream of. This 30,000 lb machine is in the 300 hp class and built to destroy everything in its path without limitation.  It is rated for steep terrain in excess of 40 degree slopes so if it can hold traction, it can mulch most any terrain. More efficient than small machines for a lower cost per acre for the customer.





Excavator mounted cutter head - while this is a trackhoe based machine, there is a separate 300 hp engine and separate hydraulic system that operates the brush cutter/mulcher for maximum efficiency. Anything within reach of the cutterhead can be processed. This machine is ideal for ditch banks, road sides, swampy ground and slopes up to 30+ degrees. The machine efficiently trims back overgrown fencerows and reclaims land lost to growth encroachment. We also have other tools for this machine such as bucket, tree shear, grapple and rake.


Fencerows trimmed back to reclaim ground lost to encroachment of limbs. Trimming up to 30+ vertical feet and NO SIZE LIMITATIONS!


   Swampy ground with huge trees.                                                             Overgrown levees with rip-rap rock faces.

Spider Excavator for the impossible jobs

Menzi Muck A91 4x4+ all terrain spider excavator with multiple tools for the most difficult jobs. Rated for 45 degree and steeper work when required. Able to access areas other equipment can not get to. Tools include mulcher head, rotating grapple with multiple grip options, breaker-hammer, multiple specialty buckets all connected to a Roto-tilt coupler allowing 360 degree rotations of the tools. The spider excavator can adapt its footing to almost any terrain and work where nothing else can. It can even work in deep water conditions.







Safety is priority one and has been from the start. As long as the site can be accessed and worked safely, we can work almost anywhere that is within reach of a machines. Grinding / Mulching equipment is inherently dangerous and requires a competent, drug free, well trained operator with years of experience. Our knowledge and expertise will make the difference in jobsite safety, quality of work and productive output on a consistent daily basis. , 

Past job sites range from swamps to steep hillside, farm ground to city lands, back roads to freeways and just about everywhere in between. Our customer base ranges from federal government agencies to homeowners to farmers to real estate developers and everyone in between. 


We are one of the most experienced brush cutting businesses in the mulching industry. With over 24 years of mulching experience and a clean safety record, you can be assured of competent operations. In 1997, we were one of the first contractors to enter into the brush mulching field of operations while it was still fairly new. This was seen as a greener alternative to the typical slash and burn clearing methods that often resulted in heavy erosion and collateral damage to saved trees. With a taste for wood, this has progressed to a full time, dedicated brush cutting business. Many of our brush cutting attachments have had extensive alterations to improve efficiency and safety over the original manufactured designs. In fact, the largest cutter now outperforms its original output by as much as 5 to 1 in certain applications. Whether it is 2 inches tall or 5 feet in diameter, we can grind it all, including the stump. 


Collins Land Clearing started in 1993 as a small dozer service clearing lots, preparing building sites, excavating basements and hauling gravel. This matured into subdivision road building, road maintenance, custom clearing jobs and other custom excavation work. Since 1997, our primary focus is on land clearing with a preferred option of environmental responsibility by mulching. If you need to remove unwanted trees from your property, we offer the most environmentally friendly methods that limit the negative impact on your desirable trees.

Our philosophy has always been to have the right tool for the job. We have numerous attachments for each machine in order to maximize efficiency and do the jobs right the first time. We also think several steps ahead in order to minimize waste and maximize performance. Anyone can cut a tree, demolish a structure or dig a hole, we just do it safer, faster and better the first time through while minimizing collateral damage to the rest of the property.