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Typical before and after shots of some recent work sites

Selectively logged site with logging slash piles in foreground - 2 yrs since trees were harvested

Clearing hillside for a view of the water from the deck of the house


Neglected levee being reclaimed - now easy to mow with a bush hog type cutter

Overgrown field edges being reclaimed to enlarge perimeter lost to overgrowth


Levee side clearing - the largest cottonwood trees were 125' tall and 48"-56"+ diameter  

Clearing work before and after around an abandoned house


work in progress - left side prior to cutting, right side selectively cleared to look like a park

Fence line and property line clearing on steep terrain

Overgrown entrance to private road before and after


Looking down cleared roadway

Terraced pasture that had become overgrown and too thick with brush & trees

Pasture reclaimed, terraces and fencing left in place and ready for grass seed.

Reclaiming another former pasture area

Pasture area reclaimed - largest trees saved for shade and timber value

Reclaiming overgrown fence line along road side - no brush piles and ready to expand fields for more production

Reclaiming more overgrown fence lines -

trees side trimmed to 20'-35- height to increase sunlight, reduce equipment damage and increase airflow to fields