Our pricing is normally based on a fixed bid format or hourly rates. Due to the number of variables in this type of work (site conditions, tree density, tree species, safety issues, etc), a fixed price for a set work area can be determined and submitted to the customer in the form of a written contract. This documents what will be accomplished and for what amount of money. This system alleviates the budget system jitters that many customers endure through hourly pricing formats, often getting over budget. With a fixed price, the customer can relax knowing exactly how much the project will cost them and not have to worry about unforeseen expenses or expensive changes during the middle of a job. Remember, we can always charge you less or provide extras, but we will never charge more than the agreement! 

Hourly rates are also available. We can work with budget caps and stop when a maximum dollar amount has been spent. 

The is no set per acre pricing formula. If you would like an estimate, a site visit must be arranged to determine the factors that determine pricing: tree species, growth density, terrain characteristics, hazard and safety issues as well as other determining factors. We will always try to suggest the most cost effective approach for the customer. With a variety of tools available, it is our goal to pick the right tool for the job and perform the work in an efficient manner.


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