Safety is priority one and has been from the start. As long as the site can be accessed and worked safely, we can work almost anywhere that is within reach of a machines. Grinding / Mulching equipment is inherently dangerous and requires a competent, drug free, well trained operator with years of experience. Our knowledge and expertise will make the difference in jobsite safety, quality of work and productive output on a consistent daily basis. , 

Past job sites range from swamps to steep hillside, farm ground to city lands, back roads to freeways and just about everywhere in between. Our customer base ranges from federal government agencies to homeowners to farmers to real estate developers and everyone in between. 


We are one of the most experienced brush cutting businesses in the mulching industry. With over 24 years of mulching experience and a clean safety record, you can be assured of competent operations. In 1997, we were one of the first contractors to enter into the brush mulching field of operations while it was still fairly new. This was seen as a greener alternative to the typical slash and burn clearing methods that often resulted in heavy erosion and collateral damage to saved trees. With a taste for wood, this has progressed to a full time, dedicated brush cutting business. Many of our brush cutting attachments have had extensive alterations to improve efficiency and safety over the original manufactured designs. In fact, the largest cutter now outperforms its original output by as much as 5 to 1 in certain applications. Whether it is 2 inches tall or 5 feet in diameter, we can grind it all, including the stump. 


Collins Land Clearing started in 1993 as a small dozer service clearing lots, preparing building sites, excavating basements and hauling gravel. This matured into subdivision road building, road maintenance, custom clearing jobs and other custom excavation work. Since 1997, our primary focus is on land clearing with a preferred option of environmental responsibility by mulching. If you need to remove unwanted trees from your property, we offer the most environmentally friendly methods that limit the negative impact on your desirable trees.

Our philosophy has always been to have the right tool for the job. We have numerous attachments for each machine in order to maximize efficiency and do the jobs right the first time. We also think several steps ahead in order to minimize waste and maximize performance. Anyone can cut a tree, demolish a structure or dig a hole, we just do it safer, faster and better the first time through while minimizing collateral damage to the rest of the property.